Woman, 27, creates a miracle at-home hair treatment kit that gets rid of frizz for three months – now sells a kit every other minute

In August 2019 the 26-year-old Georgiana Grudinschi launched the beauty brand O’wow with a strong vision of empowering women to take control over their beauty and wellbeing by bringing to market an accessible at-home smoothing treatment – an alternative for expensive keratin treatments that were by far reserved for professionals at the salon, saving time and money, and without being exposed to unhealthy chemicals.

Putting in all her little savings, she created a revolutionary hair product; an at-home hair smoothing treatment kit with no harsh chemicals, and rich in natural ingredients. The aim was to develop a product that would deliver a shiny, smooth after-hairdresser look in an accessible at-home format and with long-lasting results. Similar treatments at salons can cost up to £400 – O’wow’s at-home kit is now available for only £49.90.

“I firmly believe that looking great should be simple, healthy and ethical. These are the fundamentals on which I created O’wow”

Georgiana Grudinschi – Founder of O’wow


Today, eight months in the business, the hard work and the risk is really paying off. The first stock of 1000 units was sold out in three weeks and women were interested about the treatment from the moment it was launched but it really took off only a couple of months back when the current pandemic took over the entire world. 

O’wow’s sales has increased by over 1800% during the lockdown as thousand’s of women have discovered O’wow’s miracle treatment that get’s rid of frizz for three months in only one easy application at the comfort of their homes. Women have found it perfect for taking care of the hair during lockdown when all the salons have been closed. O’wow is  currently selling 6000 units a month and the sales are increasing constantly every day. With the current sales, O’wow is in the run of reaching 3 million in revenue for the first year of operation.


“When I started eight months ago I only had 1000 in my bank account and a big dream of giving all women the opportunity to feel and look good without having to spend too much on salon treatments, while being exposed to dangerous chemicals. I didn’t even have the courage to dream that one day the sales will reach this level! The increase in sales and the amount of amazing reviews has been overwhelming. I feel like pinching myself each time I check the sales stats and when I open the email to read all the amazing reviews and see customers’ insane hair transformations. Customers are writing how they have been struggling with frizzy hair for ages and this is the first treatment that actually works and it has increased their confidence. Some have even told the treatment to have changed their lives, which feels incredible!”, Georgiana says. 

The idea for developing the product started around two years ago when Georgiana got addicted to the divinely shiny hair she achieved with regular keratin treatments done at the salon. Frustrated at the amount of time and money she was spending on salon treatments led her to think there must be a better way. 

“While investigating alternative options, I discovered that those regular keratin treatments done at the salon were not only wasting my time and money but also harmful to my health. I came to learn that most of the salons use keratin treatments that include a heavy amount of formaldehyde which has severe consequences on health. These findings made me even more motivated in finding not only a more convenient and affordable option but also an option which will not compromise health”, Georgiana elaborated on how the idea came to life. 

Georgiana’s main motivation was to find not only a more convenient and affordable option but also an option which will not compromise the health and still be effective. As a result 95% of the ingredients are natural, including coconuts, cashew nuts, grapes, tamarinds and coffee beans. The rest of the formulation is a blend of gentle acids that opens the hair strands and give the user a time window in which the hair strands can be shaped. At the same time, it also treats the fibres of the hair with conditioning agents that provide softness and shine to the hair. The result is a fantastic smooth hair with natural appearance. So while the main ingredients are natural there are some gentle acids that allow the hair strands to open so that the natural ingredients can be absorbed. Unlike formaldehyde the acids in the treatment are not unhealthy and create no side-effects whatsoever. 

Needless to say, O’wow is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Also, O’wow donates €1 for each kit sold to Little Princess Trust – an organisation that donates wigs to kids who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatments. 

O’wow’s mission is to continue fighting against the unhealthy chemicals often included in salon products by providing a healthy and affordable alternative which will deliver the same results without compromising the health, and in the comfort of ones own home. 

“Even though the idea for this product was born simply out of a personal need, as soon as I found the magical formulation, I wanted to make sure that the treatment would reach as many like-minded ladies as possible”, stated Georgiana, founder of O’wow.