Tips on How to Treat Your Hair According to Your Hair Type

For many women, their hair is their joy and pride. From straight and fine to voluminous and curly, every woman’s hair is beautiful and different in its own way. The manner you style your hair is a matter of preference, but you probably already know that your hair has some restrictions. Maybe it tends to curl easily or doesn’t want to hold a curl. These are qualities that you can’t control, but you can figure out how to work around them. Knowing your hair type and how to care for it is the key to beautiful and healthy hair. Tips for Every Hair Type

Let’s take a look at the different hair types and textures and explore the best hair care tips, products, styling, and haircut for each of them.

What Types of Hair Are There?

  • Type 1 – Straight hair
  • Type 2 – Wavy hair 
  • Type 3 – Curly hair
  • Type 4 – Kinky hair

These types are further divided into subgroups based on the tightness or looseness of the curls and coils. Knowing your hair type is the key to caring for it correctly.

Tips to Care for Your Hair Type

When it comes to caring for your hair, there are a number of different aspects to consider. First and main, you need to know what products to use.

Shampoo and conditioner may look straightforward, but there are many different types. The best shampoo for straight hair may not work as well for wavy hair and vice versa. Other products like hair masks hair oil, heat protectors, and others also work differently for different hair types. Another difference in caring for the various hair types is the recommended methods for drying and styling your hair. There are also certain techniques to cut the hair of different types.

1. Straight Hair – Keep it Hygienic

If you have hair of this type, it is straight and may tend towards becoming shiny and greasy. Straight hair becomes greasy faster than curly hair because oil from your scalp travels downs the hair shaft more quickly. So you may need to wash it more often and use products like dry shampoo on the days in between. Many women with this hair type think that it’s simple to develop out, and it often has lots of natural sparkles.

Recommended Products:

Look for lightweight products that won’t add oil or weigh hair down. Also, using dry shampoo is a good tool to include volume and for in-between washes. Try not to use products that are too heavy or that have too much hold.

Haircut Tips: 

A rounded haircut is going to give your hair the look of being a little thicker. If you have thick straight or medium hair, add some layers to give your hair some volume.

Styling Tips: 

At the point When you blow-drying your hair flip it upside down and use a round brush to give it more volume. After drying, spritz a little dry cleanser on the hair roots to soak up excess oil – you can also do this before bed on days when you would prefer not to wash your hair. If you want to take things up a notch, you should have a go using a texturizing product and spread it from root to tip.

2. Wavy Hair – Keep it Easy and Light 

The main problem with wavy hair is that it tends to curl. The key to caring for wavy hair is to control crimp without weighing down your natural curl. Your primary concerns are adding volume and moisture without losing that wave.

Recommended Products: 

Look for shampoos and conditioners intended to moisturize and hydrate your hair. To help lock in hydration and decrease frizz, try using a moisturizing hair mask once a week.

Styling Tips: 

To keep your natural waves from becoming curly, apply a little styling cream from roots to tip while your hair is still moist. To secure moisture and control frizz, apply a little hair oil starting in the middle of the shaft and working it to the ends (avoid the scalp or your hair might end up looking oily). When blow-drying your hair, use a diffuser and rest the ends of your hair on the attachment to dry it. For added curl control, turn off the heat when your hair is 90% dry and apply a finishing cream.

Haircut Tips:

 If you have fine wavy hair, a layered haircut can give you some much-desired volume. The shorter you go, the frizzier your hair is going to look because there is less length to overload it.

3. Curly Hair – Focus on Moisture

No one likes frizz but, unluckily, it’s a steady fight you’ll have to battle if you have curly hair. The key to controlling curl is to keep your hair nourished. Good shampoo and conditioner can hydrate your locks while creams, mousses, and jellies can add control and definition.

Recommended Products:

The base of your hair care routine ought to be a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner – you might even find one designed exactly for curly hair. O’Wow Kit contains Smoothing treatment spray, Sulfate-free after-treatment shampoo, and conditioner. It normally works best on curly hair. This smoothing treatment takes away frizz, hides damage, and leaves hair smooth for 3 months. 

Styling Tips: 

If you want to hold your curls, apply some light mousse or hair oil from root to tip – just make sure it’s nothing thick. As soon as you get out of the shower, use a wet brush to comb without pulling out your curls then blow-dry using a diffuser.

Haircut Tips: 

The haircut you choose will define how curly your hair looks. Similar to wavy hair, the shorter you go; the frizzier your hair is going to look.

4. Kinky Hair – A Little Bit of All

If your hair is very curly or kinky, it may be a bit of a tossup which products do and don’t work for you. It all depends on the texture and length of your hair, so talk to your stylist if you need help choosing the right products or hairstyle.

Recommended Products: 

The significance of caring for very curly hair is moistness – start with a shampoo for curly hair and a heavy moisturizing conditioner. O’Wow At-home Smoothing Treatment kit will leave your hair smoother and healthier looking than before. The treatment is suitable for all hair types. Other products like finishing creams and hair oils can lock in moisture and add definition to your curls while light pomade will help with styling.

Styling Tips: 

Right out of the shower, you’ll want to towel-dry your hair to eliminate excess moisture. Very curly hair tends to do best with air-drying because the blow-dryer may cause extreme dryness and increase the risk for breakage. After towel drying, use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil for added moisture and to define your curls.

Haircut Tips: 

Many women with this type of hair avoid haircuts because the shorter you go, the kinkier your hair gets. Even if you don’t want to remove length, you should still get regular haircuts to keep the ends healthy and strong.

All these hair care products and styling tips are simple to follow, and they will help keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful.