Price Comparison: Brazilian Blowout at Different Salons in UK 
Vs. O’wow Smoothing Treatment Home Kit

Achieving glossy, smooth, and straight hair isn’t easy without using countless hair care products, styling tools, or visiting a hairdresser. With the discovery of hair smoothing treatments, hair woes of many people around the globe seemed to be eased. Brazilian Blowout has long been touted as a beacon of hope for frizzy, kinky, and rough hair that’s hard to manage. Brazilian Blowout and other hair smoothing treatments offer worry-free hair that comes with no downtime and the results of the treatment last for around 3 months, depending on how well you take care of your hair post-treatment. However, for in-salon treatments, finding a well-versed professional that provides affordable, side effects-free, and good quality Brazilian Blowout can be a challenging task. When you choose at-home O’wow hair smoothing treatment, you won’t have to worry about all these factors. Following we will compare the prices of various salons in UK. While compering the following options, keep in mind that O’wow Smoothing treatment is only £49.90.

Joshua Altback, London

 It’s one of the leading hair salons known for providing the best Brazilian Blowout treatment in the UK. Joshua Altback was the first salon to specialize in Brazilian Blowout treatment in the UK. They claim to use top-quality products and the latest technology available to make your experience worthwhile. Their hair treatments are tailored to meet the needs of people with different lifestyles and needs. Cost of Brazilian Blowout is £300, and for extra-long hair £340. If you have thicker and coarser hair, you’ll be charged additional £20.

Josh Wood Colour Atelier, London

 Josh wood and his team of creative and competent experts are well-known for providing outstanding hair care experience to their consumers in London. Other than offering exclusive and personalized hair colours, hair cutting and styling, Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatment is their forte. The cost of the treatment is subject to the length of the hair. The price for the treatment is £405 for long hair.

Taylor Taylor, London

The salon has been the forefront of the hair industry for its brilliant international hair stylists who are trained to deliver the premium customer service experiences possible. The salons are designed to provide an exceptional and luxurious atmosphere. Free cocktail bar, elegant interior, and longer appointment times separate it from the rest. The hair technicians at Taylor Taylor are at the top in the world when it comes to creativity and skills. The cost of Brazilian Blowout for long hair is £325, and for extra-long hair (over 50 cm) is £395.

Lockonego, London

Lockonego salon at King’s Road has been working to create beautiful hair for over 12 years. The salon is quite popular among celebrities and beauty bloggers. It has been nominated for the Best Salon Experience in the UK and the Best Salon of the Year award. At Lockonego, it’s believed that what suits you makes you look beautiful, and that’s why every customer is treated according to his unique personality. Coming to the cost of Brazilian Blowout treatment at Lockonego, it starts from £200 and varies with the length and coarseness of your hair.

Eds Hair Salon, Uk

The salon is run by a Brazilian beauty and hair care expert, Ed, who has an across-the-board experience of over 20 years in the industry. The reason behind the rapidly growing popularity of Eds Hair Salon is their highly qualified and well-trained technicians. Eds Hair is offering a wide range of affordable beauty services in Cheshire and Manchester. The hair treatments at Eds are intended to make their customer look and feel better about themselves. The price for the treatment is £200. A surcharge of £20 is added for thicker hair. 

Michaeljohn Salon, London

The salon is an embodiment of sophistication and luxury with a serene and comfortable atmosphere and experienced hair specialists. The outclass services and dedication of the talented stylists have given it an incomparable reputation in the hair and beauty world. The team is renowned for their outstanding communication with the clients that yields satisfying outcomes.  Hair experts at Michaeljohn Salon put extra efforts for providing hassle-free and gorgeous hair with Brazilian Blowout treatment. The treatment is carried out after an in-depth observation and discussion during the consultation. The cost of getting sleek, perfectly groomed, and frizz-free locks is up to £350.

How is O’wow Hair Smoothing Treatment Better?

Let’s now see how O’wow hair smoothing kit is different from the mainstream Brazilian Blowout performed at salons. As it might already be obvious, it costs only a fraction of what similar treatments cost at salon, and you can use one kit for up to two hair smoothing treatments if your hair isn’t too thick or long. The O’wow hair smoothing spray is free from a notorious carcinogen and irritant, called formaldehyde. What makes O’wow hair smoothing spray even more desirable is its natural bioactive ingredients that provide deep nourishment and protection to your hair and scalp. The kit comes with post-treatment hair care products, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, to help you maintain the results for a lot longer and keep your scalp and hair in their top shape. In addition, the treatment is completely safe to carry out at home without the supervision of a hair technician. Since the O’wow hair smoothing spray is 100% formaldehyde-free, you don’t have to worry about hypersensitivity or an allergic reaction. 


Results achieved with O’wow Kit at home

There’s nothing as liberating as getting out of the shower and having gorgeous-looking hair without doing anything at all. There are many hair smoothing and straightening treatments, like Brazilian Blowout, to help you get effortlessly glamorous hair. But an in-salon treatment can be very costly and includes toxic chemicals that can trigger an allergic reaction or even lead to serious health hazards. Our at-home O’wow hair smoothing treatment is an excellent alternative to expensive Brazilian Blowout and heating tools or products that can damage your hair in the long run. If you’re thinking of getting a hair smoothing treatment, O’wow hair smoothing treatment is an ideal and inexpensive way of getting salon-like results without any adverse effects at the ease of your home.