Is Dry Shampoo Worth the Hype?

When you’re in between washes for your hair, it can be extremely tempting to reach for that can of dry shampoo to hold you over. The dry shampoo industry reinvented what it means to roll out of bed and look glamorous.

But is dry shampoo damaging your hair more than it’s reviving it?


True or False: Dry Shampoo is Shampoo


Dry shampoo gives you the illusion of clean hair without actually cleaning your hair. The powdered formula absorbs oil, but it doesn’t do anything to break down the oils and build-up in your scalp.

You can’t just throw out your regular shampoo in favour of a convenient dry shampoo, but dry shampoo can be helpful to reduce the appearance of greasy hair between washes.


True or False: Dry Shampoo Makes Your Hair Fall Out

True, but there are a lot of things that will make your hair fall out.

The issue with dry shampoos—especially those with talc in the ingredients list—is that they can cause your hair follicles to stick together. When you go to brush your hair, you tug out one hair that’s ready to shed, and you end up pulling another one or two hairs with it.

Dry shampoos can also weaken your hair follicles in general, causing premature hair thinning. But the consensus among dermatologists is that chronic dry shampoo use will cause extra shedding, not occasional use.

If you use dry shampoo instead of washing your hair, then you’re adding to the build-up on your scalp. The more build-up on your scalp, the more weight you’re putting on your hair follicles, and the easier it will be for your hair to fall out. So, yes, dry shampoo can cause your hair to fall out if you overuse it.


True or False: I Have Curly Hair, So I Can’t Use Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo can actually help you keep your curls from getting tangled up because the spray adds a protective layer to your coils to lock in moisture. However, it’s recommended that people with curls only use dry shampoo on their roots.


True or False: Dry Shampoo Isn’t Made for Dark Hair

True and False. It honestly depends on the brand. Cheaper dry shampoos will be white because of the powder used and need to be massaged in to make the colour blend with your hair. Sometimes this white powder can leave your dark hair looking ashy or grey.

But there are dry shampoos made specifically for darker hair, and higher-end dry shampoos are made with all colours in mind. If we’re being completely honest, dry shampoo might just be more of an investment for people with darker hair than people with lighter hair.

But no matter what the colour of your hair is, you should only be using products with top quality ingredients that make your hair look and feel amazing.



True or False: I Don’t Need Dry Shampoo if I Use Keratin Treatments


Well, at least you’ll feel like you don’t need dry shampoo if you’re treating your hair with keratin.

Smoothing treatments are designed to moisturize your hair, reduce dryness, and decrease frizziness. Sound familiar?

But on top of the benefits keratin treatments share with dry shampoos, smoothing treatments are made with all-natural ingredients that also protect and strengthen your hair. In addition, these treatments lock in moisture and keep your hair silky and shiny between each wash.


Like all other good things in life, it’s best to use dry shampoo in moderation. If you still want to keep dry shampoo in the bathroom cabinet for emergencies only, then you’ll be fine. But using it every single day will damage your hair more than just shampooing your hair.

If you swear by your dry shampoo and can’t bear the thought of living without it, just use it sparingly and pick a product that doesn’t have too many harsh chemicals.

But if you’re looking for a long-term solution for improving the condition of your hair, keratin treatments are the way to go.