How to Worship the Sun Without Damaging Your Hair

If we were to tell you that cities in the U.K. are the dullest in all of Europe, would you believe it? When we say dull, we’re not talking about a lack of nightlife. It’s a lack of sunlight!

Don’t get too comfortable while hanging out at the beach. Even on days when it’s only partially sunny, you run the risk of damage from the sun’s UV rays, and that includes damage to your hair.

Grab your beach towel and your flip-flops. Today, we’re going to the beach!

Before you start working that stunning sun-kissed glow, here are the tips you’ll need to take care of your hair.


Is the Sun Your Friend or Foe?

Natural light from the sun is essential for life. The sun helps the body create Vitamin D. It also helps with your mood, among other things.

So, what’s the fuss about?

From the perspective of your hair, too much sun can wreak havoc on your lovely locks. It starts with damage done to the hair cuticle—the protective cover of each hair strand.

By the time you’ve spent the summer at the beach or hanging out in the backyard at your flat, you could end up with dry, brittle hair. Split ends and frizz are also common side-effects of worshiping the sun.

You might be thinking mermaid hair, don’t care, but when was the last time you saw a mermaid with frizzy hair?


Put a Hat on It

The best thing you can do to protect your hair from UV damage is to cover it up. Hats do wonders for protecting your hair. The right hat can also reduce exposure to the skin on your face and scalp.

Even if you think you look ridiculous in hats, we bet you can find one that looks adorable. For the best protection,  choose a straw hat with a wide brim.

You can go classic with a chic fedora or go retro with a floppy sun hat. If you love to travel, a straw Panama hat is affordable and packable.

The worst hats for girls who spend time in the sun? Visors and baseball caps.


Stay Current with Haircuts

The dry and brittle look isn’t attractive. Whether you have a short, sassy cut or long flowing layers, the summer sun can destroy the ends of your hair.

Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new haircut. Start fresh and then keep up with regular trims. Both help you keep your hair in top condition and minimize the risk of split ends.

Summer is the ideal time to give yourself a new haircut or opt for regular trims to keep your hair in good condition and reduce the risk of split ends.


Be Careful When You Swim

This might sound like a bad B movie title, but hair damage from swimming is real. Swimming gives your hair a workout, whether you do it in a pool or the ocean.

Chlorine in swimming pools robs your hair of its protective oils. The heavy salt content of water from the ocean draws moisture out of your hair. It does the same to your scalp.

You can protect your hair and scalp from chemical and sun damage if you take action before damage occurs. Here’s what your pre-beach hair routine should look like:

  • Rinse your hair with clean water before you swim
  • Wet hair but don’t use shampoo
  • Apply coconut oil or conditioner before swimming
  • Rinse hair with clear water immediately after swimming

The après -swim rinse helps remove chlorine or salt. Make sure you follow with shampoo and conditioner. Throw a travel size of your hair products in your beach bag so that you can use them immediately after leaving the pool.


Pack Separate Sunscreen for Your Hair

Aside from wearing a hat that has good hair coverage, you can apply sunscreen. You can buy sunscreen for hair that provides 100% protection from UV rays. Apply to your hair and scalp and leave in while you swim.

Try a product that includes a leave-in conditioner, detangler, and sunscreen. Say ‘bye to the frizzies and dry, brittle summer hair. You can find many products designed to protect your hair, so spend a little time experimenting to find the ones you like best.

Now that you have a few easy hacks for keeping your hair beautiful despite the risk of sun damage, where did you put that beach towel?