Curly Girl Method: How It Can Damage Your Hair and Scalp?

If you’re a curly girl, you’ve probably been experiencing several hair woes, including frizz, damage, and dryness. All these hair concerns may lead to loss of curls and bounce over time. Your hair care routine may become even more challenging if you’re blessed with curly hair. Women have long been trying various tips and tricks to achieve perfectly defined and natural-looking curls. Many of those struggling to tame and style their curly or wavy hair find curly girl method particularly intriguing. Unfortunately, it may not be as simple and effective for everyone as it appears. Today, we’ll elaborate some of the cons of using the curly girl method and the reasons it’s not equally suitable for everyone.

What is The Curly Girl Method?

If you’re not familiar with the curly girl method or how it works, let’s break it down for you. The curly girl method, or CG method, was initially popularized by
Lorraine Massey in her hair care book named ‘Curly Girl Bible.’  The main focus of the curly girl method was to help people take care of their hair without using heating tools and harsh chemical-filled products, such as sulfate and silicone-based shampoos and conditioners. The curly girl method works by eliminating all kinds of chemical-based products since they can strip your hair of their natural oil, making them rough and lifeless. Drying shampoo is substituted with conditioners and oils to cleanse and nourish the hair and retain perfect curly pattern.

What Are the Downsides of Using The Curly Girl Method?

Complicated Process

The process of following the curly girl method requires a lot of time and patience as compared to regular hair care routine. It takes around an hour, and sometimes even more to do your hair. You’ll have to repeat the process every three days, or four days if you’re having a good hair day. Basically, you are supposed to go a long time in-between washes and stretch the time to make your result last for as long as possible. Therefore, if you don’t dedicate enough time and effort to make your curls look perfect, it will all go in vain, and you’ll have to do it all over again the following day.

Restrictive Routine

You’re supposed to stick to strict guidelines and follow multiple steps while using the curly girl method or you won’t achieve the desired results. Even if you feel like your hair isn’t clean and fresh, you can’t use a sulfate-based shampoo, or you’ll lose all the progress you’ve made so far. Moreover, you won’t be able to style your hair in many different ways. It can feel tedious and laborious after some time to follow the same restrictive hairstyling routine every day.

Hard to Find the Right Products

At times, even after following the entire procedure thoroughly, you may not see the expected outcome. One reason could be that the ingredients used in you curly
girl products don’t work for your specific hair type or concern. Also, there are many different types of curls, and some of the products may help to enhance the curls of one type while prove to be ineffective for others. Some formulas are heavy and rich to cater for dry and dehydrated curls, and might not help wavy or less curly hair. Using these products may weigh down your hair, making them look greasy and dull. You need to understand your hair and find the appropriate products that actually work for you.

Scalp Problems

Many users of curly girl method have reported experiencing dryness and itching on their scalp due to using deep conditioning products, hot damp towel or heat cap
regularly. Irritated skin of the scalp can lead to hair problems, like dandruff, dehydration, and hair fall. It can be particularly more problematic for people having an inflammatory skin condition, like eczema or psoriasis. So, if you feel like your new hair care routine is deteriorating the health of your scalp and hair, it’s time to reconsider your choices.

Cost of Good Curly Girl Products

The cost of switching to curly girl products is another adverse factor that makes the curly girl method less sought-after. Even the basic ones cost almost double the
cost of regular hair care products. The good, high-end curly girl products will increase your expenditure to around four times the regular products. Now imagine spending a reasonable amount of your money on products that don’t suit your hair, all your money will go to waste.

Makes Your Bad Hair Day Worse

Imagine putting all your effort and time in getting those flawless curls, but as soon as you step outside, the hot and sweaty weather destroys them in a few seconds.
It’s quite common for all of us to have bad hair days every now and then, especially when the weather is windy, humid, or rainy. With the curly girl method, your hair might look like unattractive and dodgy perms. Bad weather can ruin your entire look and all the hard work of following backbreaking curly girl method. Some days blow-dry or curling iron is your best bet because you need your hair to be predictable, especially when you’re traveling or have to attend an event.

The Transition Period

One of the worst parts of incorporating the curly girl method into your hair care regime is the long transition period. For some, it may take only a few weeks to
see the visible difference while for others, it may take up to six or seven months. If your previous iron straightening or curling habits have caused extensive damage to your hair, it might take a lot longer to get bouncy curls. Also, you’ll have to go through daily struggle for quite some time if you want to maintain the length of your hair. If you want to get rid of your damaged hair and make the transition period shorter, you’ll need to trim your locks to have great-looking curls. In addition, if you love dying your hair then curly girly method isn’t for you because it requires your outright commitment to the process.