10 Hairstyling Tips Every Woman Should Know

Identify Your Hair Type

Hairstyling Tips: When it comes to selecting your best hairstyle, nothing is more important than hair type and texture. Not even your face cut. Your hair’s thickness and texture dictate your hairstyle, your hair length, and how your stylist cuts your hair. It also plays an important role in your daily hair care routine. The three major hair types are: medium, thick, and fine. Some women can even have a grouping of all three types on different parts of their heads.

To figure out what hair type you have, binding your hair in a ponytail with average-sized elastic. If you can wrap the elastic just once, your hair is thick. If you can wrap the elastic two-three times, it is medium, and if you need to wrap the hairband more than that then your hair is fine. Also in addition to hair type, there are different hair textures: wavy, straight, curly, and kinky. You can conclude your texture by simply looking in the mirror when your hair is in its natural state. Once texture and type are determined, you can select products labeled specifically for your hair. They’ll be the most helpful to your unique styling needs. Take note of these ten essential hairstyling tips that every woman should have in her styling arsenal.

1. Braid Damp Hair for Curls in the Morning:

If you want to avoid using hair curlers and dryer, try braiding your hair after your shower at night (either a series of small braids or one French braid, depending on your hair type and favorite style) and leave the braids in while you sleep. In the morning, open the braids, spritz the resulting waves with a little texturizing spray, and crease with your hands to get bouncy waves. Wearing braids to bed isn’t bad for your hair, as long as they’re not too tight. In fact, usually, extension braids have been used as a protective style to stop hair breakage as you toss and turn at night.

2. Volumize Your Hair with the Ponytail Trick:

Ponytails are great to wear in summer when it is hot outside and you want to grip your hair up, they look amazing on long hair. To make your hair look fuller and longer, pull the top half back and put it in a ponytail. Then gather the lasting hair into a lower ponytail. The top ponytail will hide the lower hair tie, making it look like you have one high, long ponytail.

3. Tame Frizz with a Toothbrush and Hairspray:

Using hairspray to control curl is a subtle balancing act: use too little and it doesn’t make much change, but spray too generously and you’ll end up with unpleasantly inflexible hair. In order to make sure you have just the correct amount to tame frizz, spray an old toothbrush with hairspray and run it over those irritating flyaway strands. It’ll hold your hair in place without turning it into a hat.

4. Use Hair Extensions for Temporary Added Length and Color:

If you’ve got mid-length hair and want to add color and length for a special occasion, try clip-on hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are superb as they can be easily clipped in and styled in minutes and then removed just as simply. They’re not ideal for long-term use, but they’re a convenient and inexpensive option if you want longer hair every so often.

5. Keep Your Bobby Pins in Place with Hairspray:

If you have straight, smooth hair that bobby pins usually slide right through spread out your bobby pins on a cloth and spray them with either hairspray or dry shampoo. Carefully pick up the towel by the angles and shake it a bit to evenly distribute the dry shampoo or hairspray on your bobby pins, then style your hair and rest easy knowing the bobby pins won’t slide.

6. Straight Your Hair If You Don’t Like Curls:

Curls and waves are exciting and fun but can be hard to keep neat at times. So if you are in the mood to switch up your appearance, try straightening your hair! Dividing your hair into sections will ensure that you straighten your hair correctly, without missing any strands. The coolest way to section your hair is to divide it into three layers. If you love straight and smooth hair you should try O’Wow Kit. With this home smoothing treatment, you will instantly get insanely silky smooth hair. Results last up to 3 months.

7. Partial Braid Keeps Your Hair Out of Your Face:

Take a little section of hair starting at your forehead, braid it, and tuck it behind your ear. Bonus: If you haven’t shampooed your hair in a couple of days, it’ll be considerably easier to get the braid to hold without a bobby pin.

8. Create the Illusion of a Bob:

If you have long hair that you don’t want to part with, you can still create a fake bob by doing a low, loose braid at the nape of your neck and securing the braid at the back of your neck (if you have straight hair, you may need to lightly curl the rest of your hair to make this look work).

9. Use Eye Shadow to Make Your Hair Look Fuller:

Have thin hair? Make it look filled by applying a shade of eye shadow that matches your hair color to your part or in other places that look light, like near your hairline. Filling in these spaces with a color that matches your hair will give the illusion of fuller and thicker hair.

10. Know your brushes:

Last but not least, recognize the purpose of different brushes. Small round brushes are for adding curl and volume, large round brushes are for straightening, and paddle brushes are for smoothing.

Follow the above all simple and easy hairstyling tips. We hope you learned a thing or two about keeping your hair strong and on the point between stylings. These tips will help you tame your hair and add shine and style to it each day.